Obituary (ode to my soul).


That’s it for my endearing and credulous soul, I have followed him on his last road. He finally decided to take his last breath and have some peace. Give me peace also. This last fight has left him with everything but beautiful things to offer, therefore he decided to quit.

I feel it as kind of a suicide, although I never saw him strangling himself or poisoning his own glass of red wine (I could’ve had something to do with the latter scenario though, but I am just saying, I am not accusing myself). But the way he launched himself in this last romance, man, that was hard enough to kill a bull! So he had enough, he decided to cover himself with dust and sand, although that means leaving me with nothing but my rationality (which is not one of my strengths, to be honest). He was all I had, he gave me courage, he made me tender and kind, he trusted anybody who offered him a piece of love. We used to laugh together simply by reading a book or standing on a bench watching the pigeons.

May God rest his soul. Oh, wait, he is a soul. May he rest in peace.


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